Immigration law and aliens policing

Kecser Law Firm has extensive experience in assisting foreign nationals with visa, residence permits, permanent residence permits and other immigration law and aliens policing matters. Kecser Law Firm represents the client, prepares the necessary documents, submits the appropriate application to the authorities and maintains continuous contact with them, thus assisting foreign nationals in their smooth stay and settlement in Hungary.

Aliens and citizenship matters

The National Directorate General of Aliens' Affairs is responsible for the administration of citizenship and aliens' affairs in Hungary. In citizenship cases, the authority decides whether the applicant fulfils the conditions for citizenship, while in aliens' cases it supervises the entry, exit and residence of foreign nationals and takes action against aliens' offences.

Residence permit, permanent residence permit, obtaining Hungarian citizenship

Third-country nationals who intend to reside in Hungary for a shorter or longer period have different options depending on the type and duration of their stay.

  1. Short stays, tourism: people who would like to visit Hungary for a period not exceeding 90 days within 180 days, for example as tourists, can travel visa-free from many countries, but in some cases a visa is required for entry and legal stay.
  2. Longer stays, work: people who plan to stay in Hungary for a longer period, for example for work, for more than 90 days in 180 days, can apply for various types of temporary residence and permanent residence permits depending on the purpose of their stay. This also includes those who come to Hungary to study, in which case, for example, they need to apply for a residence permit for study purposes. Alternatively, someone wishing to come to Hungary for the purpose of family reunification may apply for a residence permit issued for the purpose of family reunification.
  3. Permanent residence permit: people who wish to live in Hungary for a longer period of time can apply for a permanent residence permit. Only those who have a secure place to live and a secure livelihood in Hungary, are insured for the full range of health care – or can meet the costs if they are not insured – and have no other grounds for exclusion are eligible for a permanent residence permit.
  4. Hungarian citizenship: those who not only wish to live in Hungary on a long-term basis, but also wish to acquire Hungarian citizenship, must meet strict conditions set out in a separate law. The process of acquiring Hungarian citizenship and the procedure for obtaining it can be lengthy.

The help of a lawyer can also be very useful in these cases. Kecser Law Firm can help you understand the procedures and help you apply for the type of residence permit that suits your needs and objectives.

It is important to note that no residence permit is unlimited and does not automatically renew. If you already have a residence permit, we can help you to extend it if you need it. Once your permit has expired, you must leave the country immediately, so it is advisable to apply for an extension as soon as possible – 45-50 days before the expiry date.

Kecser Law Firm's expertise and experience in aliens policing enables us to effectively support and represent your client. Some of the specific areas where Kecser Law Firm can assist:

  1. Advising: we provide information on legal and procedural issues related to the submission of an application.
  2. Preparing the application: we prepare the application and other necessary documents and submit them to the relevant authority
  3. Representation: we represent you throughout the application procedure
  4. Documentation management: we will ensure that all the necessary documents are available and correctly completed, minimising the risk of errors.
  5. Compliance with procedural rules: we ensure that all legal requirements are respected throughout the procedure, increasing the chances of a successful application.

Kecser Law Firm is also at your service in the field of immigration law and aliens policing, in Hungarian, English, Polish and Vietnamese.

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