Corporate law

Civil law is the most common area of law, which is present in the life of every person, even in its simplest form, whether it is a sale and purchase, the formation of a company, an inheritance dispute or any civil litigation. Even in a seemingly simple civil litigation or non-litigation procedure, it is important to choose the right lawyer with sufficient expertise in civil law.

Kecser Law Firm has extensive experience in civil law, including real estate law, inheritance law and corporate law. Below we will discuss corporate law in more detail, the first two can be read about by clicking on the relevant term under separate subheadings.

Within the framework of corporate law, Kecser Law Firm undertakes representation in the formation of companies, throughout their operation and, if necessary, in their dissolution. In this area, a corporate lawyer can assist in the preparation of the legal documents, in proceedings before the court or other authorities, and can also deal with payment problems. The involvement of a corporate lawyer ensures that companies can operate smoothly and in compliance with legal requirements.

Company formation

The process of company formation consists of several steps, during which the involvement of a legal representative is mandatory. Kecser Law Firm will help you to choose the right legal form, provide you with information on the initial steps and costs, including the costs of incorporation, the incorporation fee and any other costs that may be incurred.

Setting up a company starts with choosing a company name, which can be made easier with the help of a lawyer to find one that complies with all the legal requirements.

Then, the registered office and place of business of the company are chosen, the chief executive officer, the activities are being determined and the registered capital is being fixed. These are all steps where Kecser Law Firm can help you to make the incorporation process quick and efficient.

The legal representative supervises the company registration procedure throughout and liaises with the Companies Court. As a result of these steps, the company will be officially registered in the Companies Register.

The costs of incorporation are determined individually in each case by Kecser Law Firm. The exact costs will depend on the complexity of the project, for example, the languages in which the documents have to be prepared in addition to Hungarian.

Company modification

A modification of a company involves a number of changes that need to be notified to the court, such as a change in the members, an increase in share capital, a change of registered office or a change of managing director, and as a result, a change in the articles of association. In addition to paying the change of company registration fee, any change in the company must be notified and the application for registration of the change must be made with the assistance of a legal representative.

Kecser Law Firm provides assistance in the preparation and review of the documentation required for the change registration, in the execution of the notification and, in addition, regular legal advice on request.

Voluntary winding-up

The cases and procedures that can be used in the event of the insolvency of a company are noted under the subheading on debt settlement and insolvency.

The case of winding-up is described below as the case where the company is solvent and can meet its outstanding payment obligations – this is called voluntary winding-up.

There are two main types of voluntary winding-up proceedings: simplified and general. The main differences between them lie in the length of the procedure, the decisions taken and the costs involved.

Kecser Law Firm can assist in the voluntary winding-up process throughout the entire procedure, initiate the voluntary winding-up proceedings and manage the process from the moment the voluntary winding-up is decided, help you choose the right type of procedure, taking into account the length of the procedure, the decisions to be taken and the costs involved, as well as the other interests of the company. Kecser Law Firm will provide legal representation throughout the procedure, if required, and will ensure the preparation and interpretation of the necessary legal documents. During the voluntary winding-up process, it provides advice on the company's legal obligations and the voluntary winding-up process based on the information available, thus helping to ensure that the process is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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