Reclaiming seized cars

On March 6, 2023, the Court of Appeal further reduced the sentence of Dominik P., accused of people smuggling. Dominik P. had spent a total of 21 months in custody but was already free during the appeal proceedings. Originally, the prosecution had asked for a sentence of eight years imprisonment. The defense succeeded in reducing the sentence to three and a half years in the first instance court. The court of appeal further reduced the sentence, accepting the arguments of the defense and taking into account the favorable personal circumstances of Dominik P. The court imposed a sentence of 2 years 6 months imprisonment on Dominik P. According to the judgment, Dominik P. will be released on parole after serving half of the sentence. The judgment is final.There has been a sharp increase in people smuggling offences in Hungary. Smugglers usually use a car, typically a borrowed car.

If the police catch the smugglers red-handed, the car they use is also seized as evidence. This is not altered by the fact that in most cases the car used in the case is only in the possession of the suspects on the basis of a leasing or rental contract or only for use as a favor.

If the authorities consider that the suspects have used the car as a tool to commit a crime, they will also initiate the confiscation of the car following the seizure.

It is in the interest of the owner of the seized car that the seizure of the car is lifted by the authorities as soon as possible, that the car will not be confiscated by the authorities, but that it will be returned to the owner as soon as possible.

This can be a lengthy process, especially if a foreign owner tries to contact the Hungarian authorities. On several occasions, our office has successfully assisted both domestic and foreign businesses and private persons in recovering seized cars within a short timeframe. If your car has been seized by the Hungarian authorities, contact Kecser Law Office for effective and professional assistance.

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